5 Reasons You Need to Buy a Backpack Vac

A backpack vacuum cleaner is a great way to keep your business clean with less effort and expense than an upright or canister model. Did you know that a back-pack vacuum is 5 times more efficient than an upright vacuum and that a cordless battery powered back-pack vacuum is 30 percent more efficient than a corded back-pack vacuum?

Imagine doing high cleaning from a ladder without a cord or cleaning a stairwell without hunting for an outlet.

With those facts in mind, here are five reasons why you should make your next vacuum purchase a backpack

#1 – Get More Work Done In Less Time
Backpack vacuum cleaners are more maneuverable than either upright or canister models. With a backpack vacuum, you no longer have to worry about pulling or pushing the vacuum from room to room. Also, since you comfortably mount the backpack on your back, you will have freedom of motion which allows more efficient cleaning, and the cord is always behind out of the way of your work.

It’s easy to transition from dusting to cleaning floors, walls, and furniture with its lightweight wand. Commercial users report cleaning up to three times the square footage of floors in the same amount of time compared to uprights models.

#2 – More Comfortable And Less Strenuous To Use
Using a backpack vacuum is more ergonomic and less hazardous than other types of vacuums. Custodians and other users do not trip over the vacuum or overexert themselves, and fewer, if any, accidents occur when using one. Wise business managers seek to eliminate as many injuries as possible for their employees’ and business’ sakes. This type of vacuum puts less strain on the back, shoulders, arms, and neck than other models. Everyone who uses one appreciates being able to stand erect instead of bending over frequently. Turning from side to side and walking is easier, and you will take fewer steps while cleaning each room or area.

#3 – Save Money with Backpack Vacuums
You will appreciate the following ways to save money with a backpack machine:

  • Since they are more efficient, you will save on labor costs.
  • Your facility can be cleaned with fewer vacuum cleaners.
  • Backpacks have fewer working parts to maintain or replace.
  • They are durable and reliable and require fewer repairs and parts.

#4 – Backpacks Create A Healthier Environment
Leading brands of backpack vacuums have advanced filtration systems that capture more dangerous particles than other brands. Purchase the best model you can afford to clean the air in your building better and keep dirty air out of everyone’s heads and lungs

#5 – Are Affordable
Leading brands of commercial backpack vacuums cost no more than upright and canister models.


A great example that we recommend is the RBV 130 battery powered back-pack vacuum from NaceCare that can clean up to 75 minutes per charge thanks to the high capacity Lithium Ion battery.  At only 45 d(B)A, the RBV130 allows you to perform daytime cleaning without disturbing patrons and the lack of a power-cord eliminates trip hazards.

Plus it’s 99.97% efficiency improves indoor air quality and reduces dust. These battery powered back-pack vacs are excellent to keep your cleaning crews at maximum efficiency!

Call us for more information on this or other backpack vacs—we have solutions for all your cleaning challenges!