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Elgee EL534B Battery Powered Vac

Stock No: EL534B
  • For use in situations where gasoline and propane engines become are a hazard.
  • Uses two 12 volt deep cycle type batteries which produce a 24 volt system for a longer operation time.
  • 1 HP D.C. Motor rated at 3200 RPM. Features a polarized plug for re-charging batteries.
  • The Elgee Power-Vacs are multi-purpose vacuums that can be used in various environments and for numerous applications.
  • The Power Vacuums are maneuverable, durable and reliable.
  • Jobs up to 100,000 sq ft but no job is too small.
  • At 40,000 sq ft per hour, the Power Vac saves time and money by cleaning 12 times faster than manual broom and rake methods.
  • 24″ warehouse vacuum

Clearance Price: $3500


Nace NARBV130 Back-pack Vacuum

Stock No: NARBV130
  • Cordless operation improves productivity over 50% making it excellent for daytime cleaning and cleaning congested or occupied public areas.
  • At only 15 Lbs, it is compact, comfortable and the lightest unit on the market
  • 75- minute run time with consistent power throughout the entire discharge
  • Adjustable back support, waist and shoulder straps are designed to minimize operator fatigue
  • 99.97% efficiency improves indoor air quality and reduces dust
  • 36-volt lithium ion battery charges in only 2.5 hours and is interchangeable with all NaceCare battery vacuums
  • Ser# 173320860; 182521340

Clearance Price: $940


 Elgee Battery Powered Debris Vacuum

Stock No: EL534B

Fabulous sweeper!! Comes with new batteries. SAVE $2755

  • Demo unit
  • 30” vacuum width
  • Excellent for stadiums, Outdoors
  • Comes with off-aisle hose
  • 11 cu. Ft. collection bag
  • Battery powered so it can be used indoors
  • Onboard charger for easy charging
  • Excellent for vacuuming litter, coarse debris, etc
  • Great for barns, stables and warehouses
  • Comes with new batteries
Regular Price: $7750.00

Clearance Price: $4995.00

Like New Condition

Nacecare Henry Dry Vacuum PPR 390

Stock No: NA900768
  • Henry canister with accessory trolley
  • Capacity: 4 gal US (15 L)
  • Water Lift: 100″ ( 254 cm)
  • Air Flow: 120 cfm
  • Serial # 161419446
  • New Unit
Regular Price: $569.00

Clearance Price: $422.00

Great Deal

Karcher CV 46/2 Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Stock No: KAKCV46/2
  • 18″
  • 5.5L Capacity
  • 460mm working width
  • 1200W Power
  • On-board tools
  • Serial # 34181
Regular Price: $869.00

Clearance Price: $295.00

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