We have over 7500 active items in stock in our 5 warehouses located across Canada.  We are proud to distribute products across North America. Every day we work to improve the efficiency and speed of our distribution to make our customers happy. Our innovative, environmentally friendly products are just part of what make this company great.  We deliver our exceptional products to you with friendly service and an organized delivery system because we appreciate your business.

Flexo orders come to life

Orders and fulfillment is the heart of what Flexo offers our customers. Our agile structure allows us to move quickly and be innovative throughout the customer experience. We are constantly developing new technologies in-house to create a better experience for you and your team. From fast and efficient online ordering (via EasyOrder or our new catalogue) straight through to deliveries within 24 hours, we offer the products, full service and training your team needs. Ask about EasyOrder reports and Flexo Analytics to monitor and track your usage on a daily basis.