Green Schools

Flexo offers a wide variety of green and EcoLogo products to keep schools clean, safe and healthy for students. Our products include low-toxicity, low-odour and recyclable options. We work with LEED professionals trying to certify green schools and facilities that simply choose to encourage sustainable practices. We also offer an entire line of locally manufactured chemical products including hand soaps, floor cleaners, floor finishes and much more.

Easy Online Ordering

We offer system contracts to school boards, deliver to individual schools and are part of the Ontario Education Collaborative Marketplace (OECM). Flexo’s online EasyOrder system allows individual schools to make purchases from a controlled list of products that can be managed by supervisors. It includes the ability monitor budgets, see your safety data sheets, have access to training and much more. Just ask for a demo.

Reliable Deliveries

Our top offering to schools is our consistent and reliable delivery service. We offer local dispenser and equipment service.