Dishwashing & Laundry

Flexo offers a comprehensive line of professional healthcare products and solutions to keep facilities clean, healthy and safe for its users. Our dishwashing products offer long-lasting sudsing action that digs deep and cut grease and soil before washing it all away. Our laundry solutions include concentrated products, biodegradable surfactants as well as neutral pH, formaldehyde-free and phosphate-free products. And of course, none of our products have ever been tested on animals.

Infection Prevention

In a healthcare facility, disinfectants are important to provide sustainable infection control and prevention. Flexo offers a wide variety of disinfectants including broad spectrum solutions.

Low-Noise and Pricing Options

Our extensive line of hardware and equipment also includes quiet cleaning options for hallways and facilities needing to meet low-noise requirements.

Ask about our pricing per resident options.