Keep Floors Clean and Dry this Winter

With the Advance SC100 upright floor scrubber!

One of the challenges faced by building managers during winter conditions is making the entrance areas to their building safe from slip hazards and preventing damage due to salt and sand.

One of the ways to keep the floors clean and dry is with the Advance SC100 upright floor scrubber. The SC100 has a cylindrical scrub brush which will deep clean the floor and pick up the dirty water much like an automatic floor scrubber. The SC100 design is similar to an upright vacuum making it easy to operate and always ready to use. The cylindrical brush will get into the grout lines of ceramic floors and is also useful when cleaning washroom flooring.

Add the carpet cleaning attachment to clean entrance matting and spot removal on office carpets.

There is a great video where you can see the SC100 in action.