Salt Spreading 101

Is this how you are currently spreading your ice melter?

This method is time consuming and inaccurate.  You also risk the chance of damaging expensive landscaping.

A more efficient and accurate way to spread your ice melter is with a walk behind salt spreader. The Chapin walk behind salt spreaders are made to evenly spread ice melter onto the target areas properly.
These units feature hopper covers to protect the ice melter from drizzle, side and front baffles to prevent the ice melter from getting onto flower beds and landscaping, large pneumatic tires for superior traction on ice and solid mechanical gate linkages that won’t seize up and bind.


The standard Chapin model CH82088B has an 80lb. capacity and will provide years of service if cleaned and maintained properly.

Chapin also offers a 100lb. capacity model CH82108B which has a stainless steel frame and handle assembly as well as a heavy-duty stainless steel axle, larger tires and stainless steel agitator shaft. This unit even features a grease fitting on the agitator shaft to keep your spreader working properly for years to come.

Both models are available on on website – or call us for more details!