Flexo offers a variety of service options for cleaning equipment, dishwashing and laundry. A technician is always available to help, just give us a call at 1-800-263-2540.

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Cleaning Equipment Service

Whether it’s for an auto scrubber, pressure washer, vacuum or any other cleaning equipment, we have a thorough knowledge to help you find a solution with one of our three support options:

1. DIY – Buy the parts from us and fix the equipment yourself.

2. Bring the equipment to any one of our well located offices and we will fix it for you.

3. Have one of our trained service technicians come to you.

Dishwashing and Laundry Service

Our dishwashing and laundry service technicians are fully trained to offer a variety of install, repair and further support options. Whether it’s an install for a computer controlled pump or setting up correct dilutions for equipment, we will get you the results you and your team are looking for.

Customer Service

From basic repairs to complex cleaning service needs, we have thousands of customers who look to us for all types of service and repairs. Our customer service team is great at providing timely responses and solutions to difficult questions and service needs.