Why you should High Speed Burnish a Waxed Floor

Ever wonder how grocery stores and department stores keep their floors looking clean and shiny. The answer is that the floors are washed and polished on a daily basis. The first thing you do is throw away the mop and bucket. All you do when cleaning with a mop is spread dirty water back onto the floor.  An Automatic floor scrubber dispenses clean water, agitates the solution to dissolve the dirt and squeegees up the dirty solution in one pass. The result is a clean and dry floor ready to be polished. 

A good machine for this job is the Advance SC500. This compact machine is rated to clean up to 10,000 sq. ft/ hour and is an excellent size for small to mid-sized facilities. The floors can now be polished with a High-speed floor burnisher such as the Clarke 1500 burnisher and a “Gorilla” burnishing pad. The Clarke 1500 rpm burnisher will clean and shine your waxed floors to a brilliant level.