How to Clean with Steam Like a Pro

How to Clean with Steam Like a Pro

Why try steam?

Long before the first people even considered cleanliness, steam emerged from the ground in volcanoes and geysers. It wasn't until 1700 that the time had come to harness the power of steam for practical applications. Steam cleaning first emerged over 150 years ago, used to remove oil and grease build-up from vehicles and machinery.

Today, steam cleaning provides a natural alternative that allows users to eliminate chemicals, and deploy environmentally friendly cleaning processes.

How does steam cleaning actually work?

Water turns to steam once it reaches a temperature of 100 Degrees Celsius (212 Degrees F). An electric powered steam cleaner such as the NaceCare JS1600 will maintain a boiler temperature of nearly 163 Degrees Celsius (325 degrees F).

The steam is directed to the surface being cleaned via the hose and accessories. Higher than boiling temperature is used because of the temperature drop that occurs quickly as it travels through the hose.

Will steam cleaning prevent the spread of viruses?

Steam cleaners have become increasingly popular as a solution for infection control & prevention in various environments. To work properly, the temperature at the surface must reach a minimum temperature of 79.5 Degrees Celsius (175 degrees F). Reaching these temperatures assists with the removal of various bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa.

Steam cleaning has the added benefit of getting into the crevices and other difficult areas that traditional cleaning methods cannot. Working slowly and steadily is important to ensure accurate coverage. Although steam cleaning may be effective in itself, it should be part of a complete cleaning protocol which includes the use of sanitizers. Flexo is proud to offer AirX Spray N Wipe (FAX75B) which has a direct claim of efficacy against COVID-19.

NaceCare JS1600 Steam Cleaner

The Flexo Products team has first-hand success with the JS1600 Steam Cleaner and have found it to excel in a variety of hospitality, and food service applications.

The key benefits of using the JS1600 :

  • The power of steam attacks grease, grime and mold. It leaves surfaces clean and sanitized without the use of chemicals.
  • Operator safety is assured by the 12-volt steam controls, pressure switch, thermostat, high-limit thermal shutoff and pressure relief valve.
  • The tank can be filled while the unit is running, allowing for continuous use.
  • Excellent on grouted floors, showers, kitchens and any area where detail cleaning is a challenge.
  • Very effective in all food preparation and processing areas, including stainless steel range hoods in kitchens. Excellent for cleaning meat and milk coolers without chemicals.
  • Ideal for hotel rooms, user can spot draperies, bedspreads, and carpets. Steam cleaning can even kill bed bugs and their eggs on mattresses.
  • Clean floors with the optional steam mop and 33' hose.
  • Continuous flow system provides the necessary power to remove dirt and built-up soil while leaving your floors virtually dry.



Why Use a Steam Cleaner?

Simple, biologically clean, and environmentally friendly, steam cleaning is the most natural way to clean.

Our steam cleaners offer various application possibilities. In addition to cleaning, they also deliver outstanding results for ironing and textile care. Using steam will save you valuable time that could be spent elsewhere. Using the power of steam for household tasks, big and small, could not be more accessible.

How is steam cleaning better for the environment?

Quite simply, condensed steam provides chemical-free cleaning. The combination of steam power and temperature alone is enough to break up stubborn dirt, making the use of cleaning agents unnecessary. You will feel an immediate impact on the bottom line as expensive solutions are no longer required. There are no additional chemicals or containers to dispose of, limiting the environmental impact further.

Are steam cleaners efficient?

Water is especially economical when used as steam: a single litre of tap water is enough to create 1,700 litres of steam! This is enough for around 20 minutes of steam cleaning – long enough to completely clean a small apartment. Since electricity is only needed whilst the water is being heated, energy consumption is kept to a minimum. The physical exertion from cleaning is also reduced with steam, condensed steam does the work for you.

How is steam cleaning better for your guests?

Unlike detergents, condensed steam leaves behind no chemical residue on surfaces. This is particularly important in food service areas, or rooms frequented by young children. Without the use of chemicals, the risk of skin irritation or other negative health impacts is quashed. This leads to a safer environment for guests and staff.

Is steam cleaning hypoallergenic?

Allergy sufferers can also breathe a sigh of relief. Steam binds dust together, and therefore does not eject allergens airborne (such as dust mites and their excretions). As a result the air quality of the environment is improved significantly, irritants are removed, and your guests can enjoy a hypoallergenic setting.


Where to Buy a Steam Cleaner?

The Flexo Products team can help you determine what equipment will best meet your needs. We offer years of hands-on experience combined with after sale parts and service support for all equipment.

We can help make your cleaning processes safer, faster, and more efficient for your bottom line.

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