Our Industries

Flexo offers a wide range of innovative products and solutions to various industries across Canada.



Flexo is a recognized name in the hospitality industry as a distributor and one stop shop for everything you need for nearly a century. Our innovative approach to cleaning products and amenities along with our unparalleled level of service continues to be the reason that Flexo succeeds. We are synonymous across all of our branches to provide you with the same experience at every hotel, lodge or restaurant. Flexo’s cleaning product specialists and service team help make your hospitality maintenance experience an easy and bright one.

Restaurant Solutions

We are known for our reliable delivery service and impeccable products designed for a wide range of restaurants from casual and family-friendly to restaurants with renowned luxurious dining experiences. We’ve been helping restaurants keep their kitchens clean and efficient with our wide range of cleaning products and equipment. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can guide you towards the products that are best suited for your sized restaurant. Let us help you keep your restaurant up to the highest health standard. Our products help restaurants deliver the highest standard of luxury to their customers from the moment they walk through the door. Keep your floors shiny with our top of the line floor cleaners. Keep your bathrooms fresh and clean with our most luxurious soaps and bathroom tissue, and keep the dining experience professional with spotless plates and dinnerware courtesy of our highly effective dishwashing products.

Hotel Amenities

Customers staying at various hotels across North America are enjoying the luxury and decadence of our cleaning products and hotel amenities. We can work with hotels to provide you with the right amenities to suit your individual style and hotel experience. You can enjoy the convenience of sourcing all your cleaning and hotel amenities from us. We deliver high quality linens and bath products for the ultimate luxurious in-room experience, as well as top of the line cleaning chemicals to keep the entire hotel from the floors to the ceilings, sparkling and fresh. Your cleaning staff will appreciate working with environmentally friendly, easy-to-use products with a fresh scent.  We can provide your staff with the proper equipment to efficiently clean each individual room to your customers’ satisfaction.


Green and Clean Schools

Flexo is a Canadian leader in educational facility cleaning solutions. We offer a wide variety of EcoLogo, GreenSeal and other sustainable products to keep school clean, safe and healthy for students. Our products include low-toxicity, low-odour and recyclable options to traditional products. We work with LEED professionals who actively seek certifying sustainable schools under the certifications process and encourage sustainable practices. We offer an entire line of locally manufactured chemical products including soaps, floor cleaners, floor finishes and more.

Easy Online Ordering

We offer system contracts to school boards, we deliver to individual schools and are part of the Ontario Education Collaborative Marketplace (OECM). Our online ordering system (EasyOrder), allows individual schools to make purchases from a controlled list of products that can be managed by supervisors. It includes the ability to monitor budgets, see your safety data sheets (SDS) and have access to online training and more. Just ask us for a demo.

Reliable Deliveries

Our top offering to schools is our consistent and reliable delivery service. We offer local dispenser and equipment service too.



Flexo offers a comprehensive line of professional healthcare products and solutions to keep facilities clean, healthy and safe for its users.

Infection Prevention

In a healthcare facility, disinfectants are important to provide sustainable infection control and prevention. Flexo offers a wide variety of disinfectants including broad spectrum solutions.

Dishwashing & Laundry

Our dishwashing products offer long-lasting sudsing action that digs deep and cut grease and soil before washing it all away. Our laundry solutions include concentrated products, biodegradable surfactants as well as neutral pH, formaldehyde-free and phosphate-free products.

Low Noise and Pricing Options

Our extensive line of hardware and equipment also includes quiet cleaning options for hallways and facilities needing to meet low-noise requirements.

Ask about our pricing per resident options.

Industrial and Commercial

Heavy Duty Cleaners

Our extensive range of cleaning solutions includes over 6500+ active products, many of which are used in industrial facilities. For skin care, Flexo’s heavy duty hand cleaners are designed to remove grease, grime, ink, paint, glue, resin and oils. This line provides gentle yet effective cleaning options with attractive citrus scents. Ready-to-use dispenser options include bottles and refills. Our green commitment means that these products are made locally.

Paper Products

Flexo also offers a complete line of paper products for industrial use. This includes bathroom and facial tissues, paper towels, other washroom personal hygiene solutions and wipers.


Building Service Contractors

Cleaning Products

Flexo offers a variety of solutions to building service contractors including delivery to site specific locations, low minimum orders where necessary and integrated chemical manufacturing. Our chemical solutions include a full range of EcoLogo and green certified products to assist you in green cleaning as well as servicing LEED or BOMA Best certified buildings.

Cleaning Equipment

We also offer a full range of high-performance cleaning equipment with additional sustainable options. Sustainable options include noise reduction, water filtration, air filtration and low energy use. We offer full training on all equipment purchases and we continually promote and support the development of green cleaning practices.

Property Management

Property Management Solutions

Flexo offers a large product line that specifically services property management teams as well as the cleaning staff that services the buildings. Our product line includes cleaning hardware, cleaning chemical solutions for use indoors, outdoors (patio cleaning solutions), washrooms, party rooms with kitchens, workout rooms, pool areas and more.

Local and Green Cleaning

We provide cleaning staff with the cleaning products necessary to maintain a safe and healthy environment. Our green commitment includes locally manufactured EcoLogo products and recyclable paper to meet green cleaning practices and standards.



Government Workplace Offering

Flexo offers an extensive range of products for use government facilities across Canada. Our diverse product line in combination with our online EasyOrder system allows for easy budget tracking and supervised purchases. We also provide audit-able purchasing where necessary and are actively part of the Ontario Education Collaborative Marketplace (OECM), which provides organizations (including the Ontario education sector, the broader public sector and other not-for-profits) with valuable supplier agreements.