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M2 Loopy Detachable Yacht Mop (12oz)

M2 Loopy Detachable Yacht Mop (12oz)

M2 Professional Super Looper® Wet Mop (Wide Band)

M2 Professional Super Looper® Wet Mop (Wide Band)

M2 Professional Super Looper® Wet Mop (Narrow Band)

Crafted in Canada, the Super Looper® Wet Mop offers long-lasting performance with its washable synthetic yarn. Available in multiple colors, it's an ideal choice for healthcare environments where durability and hygiene are paramount.
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The Super Looper® Looped-End Wet Mop, crafted in Canada, features a unique 5-ply antimicrobial synthetic yarn, free from cotton. Designed for heavy-duty cleaning, it boasts superior absorbency and resilience against chemicals, disinfectants, and frequent laundering. Its looped-ends and tail band enhance floor coverage while preventing tangles & fray.

Whether you're cleaning floors in a school, nursing home, hospital or industrial facility, this mop is up to the job. This mop pairs with a Step-On Mop Handle and works best with a down press wringer for efficient water extraction.

· High absorbency while withstanding commercial laundering
· Coloured tail band for easier sorting in laundry facilities
· Narrow band
· Resistant to chemicals and disinfectants
· Looped end prevents mop from fraying
· 5 ply yarn that does not contain cotton
· Suitable for use in healthcare
More Information
Brand M2
Construction Narrow band
Vendor Stock# MW-SLR3L-NB-BL
Style Looped
Type Synthetic
Pack Each
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