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Advance SC4000 28D 28

Advance SC4000 28D 28" Scrubber

Advance Liberty SC60 28D 28

Advance Liberty SC60 28D 28" Autonomous Scrubber

Advance Liberty SC50 X20D 20" Autonomous Scrubber

Safety-certified, fully autonomous and designed for consistent results with minimal oversight, the Liberty SC50 allows operators to focus on tasks that benefit the most from valuable human effort, and provides the means for unmatched productivity in any cleaning operation.
$125,925.00 Each
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The Nilfisk Liberty SC50 autonomous floor scrubber acts as another member of your cleaning team. It provides up to 6 hours of runtime and 55,000 square feet of coverage on a single charge, freeing up your staff to focus on higher-value tasks. The SC50 has three cleaning modes to match the requirements of every task and is third-party certified to robotic safety standards so it is safe for use in populated areas. Options include Nilfisk's best-in-class sustainability technologies and an integrated UVGI module that allows the machine to disinfect while it cleans.

Example applications: Supermarkets | Hospitals and healthcare facilites | Schools and universities | Retail malls | Airports | Office buildings

Improves cleaning results
· Consistently delivers between 98% and 99.5% coverage
· Three cleaning modes provide flexibility
· CopyCat: Drive a route once and the machine will perfectly replicate both the cleaning path and the cleaning process every time.
· Fill-In: Drive the perimeter of a space and the machine will automatically calculate the best route to clean every inch within that perimeter.
· Manual: For ad hoc cleaning, the machine works just like a regular scrubber dryer.

Saves time and resources
· Cleans up to 6 hours on a single charge
· Requires minimal oversight so staff can focus on tasks that require a human touch

Promotes health and safety
· Third-party safety certified for use in populated areas
· Adjusts in real time to route changes and obstacles (including people)
· Leaves floor dry to reduce slip-and-fall incidents

Supports green cleaning initiatives
· Optional SmartFlow automatically adjusts water flow with speed, which cuts water and chemical use by up to 50%
· Optional EcoFlex reduces resource usage by adjusting water and chemical use based on the needs of the job

Documents cleaning performance
· Provides proof of clean
· Delivers data-driven insights into cleaning schedules, cleaning performance, and maintenance requirements
More Information
Brand Advance
Battery Capacity 255 Ah
Model SC50 X20D
Max Productivity 20,839 sq.ft./hr
Sound Level (dB) 63
Charger Type On Board
Vendor Stock# 56104506
Style Disc
Type Autonomous
Pack Each
Power 450 Watts
Cleaning Width 20"
Battery Type AGM
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